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CFS++ is now openCFS - this information is partly outdated and will vanish in the future ...

Coupled Field Simulation - Finite Elements for multi-physics

CFS++ (coupled field simulation) is a finite element-based multi-physics modelling and simulation tool. This research-driven simulation tool features elaborate techniques for various physical fields. The modelling strategy focuses on physical fields and their respective couplings. Strong data exchange interfaces are provided to use third-party pre- and post-processing libraries. The XML-based modelling language is easy to handle and well described by application examples.

For the commercial version see | SIMetris.

General Information

  1. History
  2. Capabilities
  3. General structure of CFS++
  4. Getting Help / Contacts
  5. Literature
  6. Acknowledgement in publications
  7. Copyright

Getting Started

  1. Obtaining CFS++
  2. Installation
  3. Running CFS++

Modelling Guide

  1. Creating Meshes
  2. Simulation-XML-Input
  3. Material-XML-Input
  4. Result Visualization & Postprocessing
  5. HDF5 Data Structure


  1. Simple Test Cases
  2. Introductory Examples
  3. Application Examples